Leon Winer was born on June 18, 1929 in Bucharest, Rumania.

His parents were Baruch and Sima Winer. He had an older brother, Sam.

The Winer family emigrated to the United States in 1940.

He was educated at Long Island University, Rutgers and Columbia.

He married Eve K. Winer on Christmas Day in 1953. He has two children, David — born on May 2, 1955 and Peter, born on December 27, 1958. The family lived in Flushing, NY on the Q16 line. All the Winers are Mets fans and generally vote Democratic. Leon was an avid skier, hiker, reader, computer user.

Leon worked at Mobil Oil, IBM, he taught at Baruch College and Pace University.

He wrote a book and a website called the MBA Toolbox.

He has three grandchildren who live in California, Emma, Sophie and Harry, fathered by Peter and his wife Alice Lankester.

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