Think of this as a loving on-line memorial for Dr. Leon Winer. If you have a story about Leon that you’d like to contribute to this site, you can simply post a comment here, and say at the end if you’d like to have it become a top-level story. If it’s appropriate, we’ll do a light edit and post it at the top level of the site. Either way your thoughts are part of the permanent record.

It can be something small that was signficant to just you, or some bigger lesson you learned from talking with him, it doesn’t matter — just that it be personal and about Leon. Thanks…

2 Responses to “Contribute”

  1. 1 Maria Santalesa

    My name is Maria Santalesa and we have been Leon and Eve neighbors for over 27 years now. I would like to say that my husband and I could not have better family living next door. A few words about Leon since I feel that the memories we have of a person it is was makes the person continue on living in people’s heart. I know that Leon was always a very private person of few words but when we spoke I could see that he in his was he did have a funny sense of humor. He did have a very pleasant smile. He loved to show his beautiful fotos especially of the flowers that he took on his special trips. I admired very much. I think he was a great photographer even though it was a hobby of his. I also have to tell a short story of when many years ago, when my son was maybe 15 he was sitting “the house” because Leon and Eve were on a trip, my son was able to work on Leon’s computer that he loved and somehow he dropped the keyboard I believed and it broke some part, and I know it must have been upsetting to Leon but my son was forgiven, I taught that was the way Leon was. I never heard him raise his voice and always spoke in a very gentle manner. I really admire him in the last months of his lie, one could see that he was getting weaker but he never seemed to stop fighting to regain his health back. He was determined to do until the last the things that he was responsible for in his life. What a gift he gave to Eve to have witnessed his last moments on earth with such dignity and care in his own home.

  2. 2 Annemarie Conlon, PhD, MBA, LCSW

    I was searching for “Leon Winer” today and came across this website. I was saddened to see that he had passed several years ago. He was my professor for two courses at Pace University (MBA ’94) and I truly admired him. Though I have moved a number of times since attending Pace, and donated many of my books before each move, I’ve always held on to his book.

    I will always remember Dr. Winer as a highly intelligent, kind and generous man who inspired his students.

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