Two pictures of Dad


It’s now been a few months since Dad died, but there isn’t an hour that my thoughts don’t turn to him, and then quickly turn away. I don’t know how to deal with a death so close.

Every once in a while a picture pops up and I spend a moment thinking about my father and what it means that he’s gone. I come up empty. I have nothing.

But this blog gives me a place to make something of his life, at least in the form of words and pictures.

This picture must have been taken in the early 60s. It’s a gathering of my mother’s family. In the top row: Lucy Kiesler, Leon Winer, Eve Winer, Ken Kiesler. Seated: Rudy Kiesler, Peter Winer, Dave Winer.

Dad wearing a Frontier t-shirt somewhere in the tropics:

2 Responses to “Two pictures of Dad”

  1. Yeah, it takes a couple of years, or more.

    I remember I was teaching and execing at Computer Learning Center in Los Angeles, and one of my classes wanted to go to Magic Mountain as a group. They’d worked hard, saved my ass a couple of times, and so we went.

    We were walking down Wilshire in the mid-morning finalizing travel, all of us still in a group before we went to our respective cars, and I just started bawling, yelling and screaming. Freaked them out. I told them that for some reason they made me feel so wonderful, such a great class that they remimded me of my father, a teacher himself, and I was just releasing pent-up emotion.

    I hope that was another lesson for them. Feelings take their own time and live their own lives.

  2. 2 Brad i

    I don’t think I was as close to my dad as you were with yours. Divorce took him hundreds of miles away through most of my childhood and young adult life.

    When I turned 30 or so, we grew closer. And we started to get to know each other again. We spoke on the phone often and visited when we could. One night, just 6 days after seeing him last, I got the call he had suddenly – without warning – died.

    I was heartbroken for I felt we had just started over as father and son. It was hard and I know it will be hard for you too. It took me much longer than I ever would have thought to deal with much of the sadness. All I can recommend is be gentle on yourself and give yourself time to deal with your loss.

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