Leon Winer on idea processors (1987)


Yesterday at the ballgame, Mom gave me a copy of an article Dad wrote in 1987 about the then-nascent idea processor category. He didn’t mention that his sons (Peter and I) had written the programs he was writing about.

Dad loved outliners, and it was a thrill to know this and at times a little embarrassing. 🙂

I created a PDF scan of the article and uploaded it to the blog here, for posterity.

BTW, the Mets won in extra innings, 1-0. We couldn’t stay, opting instead for a delicious Chinese dinner on Main St in Flushing instead. Let’s go Mets! 🙂

3 Responses to “Leon Winer on idea processors (1987)”

  1. 1 Phillwv

    Well, past blast. I recall now those (long-forgotten) programs from selling PCs in 1984-8. Ready and Framework especially. Was Ready part of SideKick? That was a real early treat in PC use.

    Oh, and Dave – keep doing this :0)

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  2. 2 The family archive | Echo of Scripting News

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