Family photo album


After Dad retired he put in a lot of time getting his photos digitized and organized. Here’s a family photo album that includes pictures of my parents’ engagement, wedding, and lots of baby pictures. There are lots more of these to come, in other forms. Dave

Click on each photo to see the full page that it’s part of.

A picture named page1.jpg

A picture named page2.jpg

A picture named page3.jpg

A picture named page4.jpg

A picture named page5.jpg

A picture named page6.jpg

A picture named page7.jpg

A picture named page8.jpg

A picture named page9.jpg

A picture named page10.jpg

A picture named page11.jpg

A picture named page12.jpg

A picture named page13.jpg

A picture named page14.jpg

A picture named nana.jpg

A picture named littleBoo.jpg

A picture named brothers.jpg

A picture named climber.jpg

A picture named crib.jpg

A picture named threeAmigos.jpg

A picture named crawler.jpg

A picture named beach.jpg

7 Responses to “Family photo album”

  1. Awwwww! Thank you, Dave, for sharing these memories. Your dad cared enough about saving them to spend lots of work putting them into digital form, and it is great that you are taking that work to the next step, on behalf of all of us with perishable memories.

    • Thanks Betsy!

      You’re the first of my friends to leave a comment on this blog, and it’s very appropriate.

      I had seen this family album before, but going through each page and deciding which picture to use to represent it and then cropping it gave me much more time to spend with each period of the early family. There are pictures of both my uncles and all my grandparents. You can see how proud my parents were of both their sons. You could also see our personalities develop.

      My favorite picture is the one with me and my mother and infant brother, me making the face, very much aware of the camera, and the look on my mom’s face as if we were sharing a joke. It’s pretty clear I was already me at that point (but of course I have no recollection of it).

      Sorry I missed you on my swing through Boston. Hope to see you soon!

      Love, Dave

  2. No tooshie pictures?

  3. Thanks for sharing these, Dave.

    I love that picture of you making a face too. There is so much in there. With your mom too. Parents are so loving and uncritical of kids at those ages. They love and welcome all the ways kids become individuals — become themselves — long before it’s clear how very far those kids can fly from parental imaginings. When I look back on all my kids’ early childhoods, and on their pictures as well, I can see the threads. But there was no way, exactly, to know how they’d grow, way back then.

    My favorite picture of my wife is one from when she was about six months old. She’s doing a kind of push-up and looking at something that delights her. That smile embodies so much of I loved about her when I met her, and love about her now. That’s her! I thought, the first time I saw it.

    I feel the same about that picture of you, too. That’s Dave! Great to see the kid, the son and the big brother, and how they match with the man and the friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing and sorry for your loss.

    What has constantly surprises and rejoices me is how present the people you lost can be present in your life. My father passed away in 2000 and very frequently, still now 9 years later, I surprise myself coming across a situation, an object, a view which will remind me of him.

    I’ll work around the house and realise my father moved that way when going to get tool. My son will look at something and try to figure out how it works, and I’ll immediately see my father’s face.

    Somehow it happens more often than when he was alive. Maybe it’s because I should have cared more then, or maybe that’s just what life after death is.

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